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We make Replacement Car Keys. Smart Keys, Flip Keys, Key-less entry, and much more for BMW Vehicles anywhere in Tampa FL

BMW Chip Keys, BMW Smart Keys, BMW Keyless Entry and much more. Call now for more info!

BMW Car Keys Replacement in Tampa FL

Mr Lock. & Key offers a dealership grade automotive locksmith service. We can create new and replacement keys to any BMW make & Model. We can also erase your old lost keys from your car’s memory so if someone stole them, or happens to find the, they’ll have no access to the vehicle!

Our professional locksmith technicians will travel to your location and make a new vehicle key on the spot using the latest high end locksmith technology. We also offer complete rekey services to all locks or trunk if needed, as well as ignition repair and replacement. Don’t have your car towed to the dealers only to be over priced and forced to wait on your new key for days in some cases. Call Mr. Lock and Key in Tampa today and we will have someone on the way shortly to get you back on your way!

Our Locksmith services are available daily from 9am to 9pm. We are fast, affordable, and we come right to your location anywhere in or around Tampa Florida!


• Program Car-Keys
• Car-Keys Made by Code
• ECU Reflesh
• Erase Car-Keys
• Flip Keys
• High-Security Car-Keys
• Ignition Repair / Replacement
• Keyless Entry
• Laser Car-Keys
• Remote Car-Keys
• Transponder (Computer / Chip) Car-Keys
• V.A.T.S (Vehicle Anti Theft System) Keys
• “Dealer-Keys Only”
• Doors & Truck ReKeys

Broken Key? No Problem! We replace all broken car keys on the spot! Please note not all models and key variants are available for all years. Please call for exact info.


BMW 1502 sedan 1975–1977 (1.5 L engine version of 2002)
BMW 1802 1975–1977 (1.8L engine version of 2002)
BMW E12 mid-sized sedan 1972–1981 (first of the “5 series” mid-size sedans)
BMW E21 compact sedan and convertible 1975–1983 (first of the “3 series” compact sedans)
BMW E23 large sedan 1977–1986 (first of the “7 series” large sedans)
BMW E24 mid-sized coupe 1976–1989 (first of the “6 series” mid-sized coupe)
BMW E28 5 series compact mid-sized sedan 1981–1988
BMW E30 3 series sedan, convertible and estate 1982–1994
BMW E31 8 series 2+2 coupe 1989–1999
BMW E32 7 series large sedan 1986–1994
BMW E34 5 series mid-sized sedan 1988–1996
BMW E36 3 series sedan, coupe, convertible and touring 1990–2000
BMW E36 Compact hatchback 1993–2000 (first-generation Compact)
BMW E38 series large sedan 1994–2001
BMW E39 5 series mid-sized sedan 1995–2003
BMW E46 3 series sedan, coupe, convertible and touring 1998–2006
BMW E46 Compact hatchback 2000–2004 (second-generation Compact)
BMW E52 Z8 roadster 1999–2003
BMW E53 X5 mid-sized SUV 1999–2006 (BMW’s first SUV)
BMW E60 5 series mid-sized sedan 2003–2010
BMW E61 5 series estate 2004–2011
BMW E63/E64 mid-sized coupe/convertible 2003–2011
BMW E65/66/67/68 large sedan 2002–2008
BMW E70 X5 mid-sized SUV 2006–2013 (second-generation X5)
BMW E71 X6 mid-sized crossover 2008–2014 (2-door version of X5)
BMW E81/E87 1 series hatchback 2004–2011 (first-generation 1 Series)
BMW E82/E88 1 series small coupe/convertible 2007–2011
BMW E83 X3 crossover SUV 2003–2010 (first-generation X3)
BMW E84 X1 compact crossover SUV 2009–present
BMW E85/E86 Z4 roadster/coupe 2002–2008 (first-generation Z4)
BMW E89 Z4 roadster 2009–2016 (second-generation Z4)
BMW E90/E91/E92/E93 3 series sedan/touring/coupe/convertible 2005–2011
BMW F01/F02/F03/F04 7 series large sedan 2008-2015
BMW F07 5 series GT 4-door coupe 2009–present
BMW F10 5 series mid-sized sedan 2009–present
BMW F11 5 series mid-sized estate 2009–present
BMW F12/F13 6 series midsized coupe/convertible 2011–present
BMW F15 X5 mid-sized SUV 2013–present
BMW F16 X6 mid-sized crossover SUV 2014–present
BMW F20/F21 1 series hatchback 2011–present
BMW F25 X3 crossover SUV 2011–present
BMW F26 X4 crossover SUV 2014–present
BMW F30/F31 3 series compact sedan/touring 2012–present
BMW F32/F33 4 series coupe/convertible 2013–present
BMW F34 3 series GT 4 door coupe 2013–present
BMW G11/G12 7 series large sedan 2015–present
BMW G30 5 series sedan 2016–present
BMW i3 compact electric city car 2013–present
BMW i8 electric sports car 2014–present
BMW M coupe 1998–2002 (first-generation M Coupe)
BMW M1 supercar 1978–1981 (chassis code E26)
BMW Z1 roadster 1989–1991
BMW Z3 coupe and roadster 1996–2002

Mr. Lock & Key is fully insured and licensed to provide exceptional locksmith services at a fair price. As your local and reliable locksmith in Tampa, we are available year round to deliver fast and cost-effective locksmith services for the residential, commercial and automotive purposes. We provide fast emergency locksmith service to the valued customers that save time and money. Having vast years of experience and expertise, we can handle your emergency locksmith issues. We have a fully equipped mobile team to provide you a prompt and reliable locksmith service



For new lock installation, lock rekey, lock change and lock repair, we specialize in providing quality service as per the requirement to both residential and commercial clients in Tampa.


We provide customized locksmith services (like advanced installation, repair and replacement lock and key techniques) that are tailored suitably as per customer’s requirement and specific needs to ensure optimum results.

Guarantees 100% Satisfaction

By keeping in mind the highest security standards, utilizing the latest technology and advanced equipment, we deliver highly reliable and affordable residential, commercial and automotive locksmith solutions to achieve 100% client satisfaction.

All Emergency Lockout

Home lockout! Car lockout! Lost key issue! We are available to provide you reliable emergency lockout service to open your apartment, office door or car within no time.

Hours of Operation

Our expert locksmith technicians and fully equipped mobile team are available on the move to deliver the highest quality locksmith services in a fast and effective way. We provide reliable price estimate and consultation services.


  • Sunday 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
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